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“Because who really falls in love at first swipe.”


LoveorLike specializes in entertaining All-inclusive Speed Dating Events that allows you to meet likeminded individuals in a pressure free environment. We don’t ring loud cow bells when mini-dates come to an end. Our approach is technologically brilliant. We care about your privacy, and only share event location details with singles who have successfully reserved a seat following our light screening process. Find love, new friends, and create unique relationships in a world-class city in just 2 hours. Stick around and mingle after speed dating in our partner venues if you wish. And receive your results in record time. This concept is worth throwing a 15 second dance party right where you stand. 

The Experience


Meet up to 25 singles all looking to fall in love or like in 1 night. Drinks & Hors d’oeuvres are included from start to finish. Advisors ensure your experience is enjoyable and pressure free. Need we say more? 

Win Prizes

Yes! You are reading this right. Now you know if we told you how this happens, it would just ruin all the fun. So let’s not ruin the surprise.

Results in just 12 hours

Receive your results in record time and get started right away. Say NO to waiting a few days to find how many mini dates went well. And YES to connecting early, while things are still fresh.

Zero Match, Come Back Free!

They say timing is everything. If you don’t get at least one Love or Like at our events, we’ll invite you to our next speed dating event absolutely free. That’s right! FREE!

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We care about your privacy and the quality of singles attending our events. This is why we choose to only share event location details with singles who have secured their reservation and have completed our light pre-screening.

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